Global Wakaf – ACT Assists Farmers in Potoya Village Through Supervisory Activities

Global Wakaf - ACT helped the farmers apply agricultural chemicals and build an irrigation system to improve the farmland

Global Wakaf – ACT supervises the local farmers applying fertilizers and other agricultural chemicals. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, SIGI REGENCY – In an effort to support farmers in Potoya Village, Sigi Regency, Global Wakaf – ACT has held supervisory activities. The Global Wakaf-ACT team taught the farmers how to use fertilizers and other agricultural chemicals. "The team assisted the farmers in applying fertilizers and spraying pesticides and disinfectants on plants cultivated on a 12.5-hectare land by 14 farmers," said Muh. Syahrir Ramadhana, a Productive Agricultural Waqf companion in Potoya Village on Monday (1/10/2022).

The team also helped the farmers irrigate and plow the land as well as plant corn and peanut seeds. The results of the Productive Agricultural Waqf program are already felt positively by the farmers.

“Previously, the farmers had difficulty getting capital for their farming, and the land on which they cultivate the crops was full of weed. In addition, the farmers couldn’t access clean water to irrigate the land. Alhamdulillah, we have disbursed capital assistance, helped them plow the land, and dug a shallow well equipped with pipelines to irrigate the farmland,” said Syahrir.

The crops such as corn, eggplant, and chili have grown well thanks to the assistance. Syahrir hoped that this program can continue helping farmers so that they can reap maximum yield. “We hope that this program will lead to a better result that will reach maximum yield,” hoped Syahrir. []