Global Wakaf-ACT Distributes Sweet Potatoes to Islamic Boarding Schools in Jember

Global Wakaf - ACT Jember distributed 5.5 tons of sweet potatoes to a number of Islamic boarding schools in the Eastern Salient of Java. The distribution will take place in stages.

Delivery of sweet potatoes to Nailil Huda Islamic Boarding School. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, JEMBER - Global Wakaf - ACT partners with Yayasan Penguatan Peran Pesantren Indonesia (YP3I) to help sweet potato farmers who have experienced a decline in prices due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Normally, the sweet potatoes sell for IDR 1,000 to IDR 1,500 each kilogram. Now, it falls to IDR 250 per kilogram.

Global Wakaf - ACT and YP3I had collected data on sweet potato farmers in Mojokerto to buy up 1,000 tons of sweet potatoes at normal prices. The sweet potatoes will then be distributed to around 3,000 Islamic boarding schools in East Java, Central Java and Yogyakarta.

The unloading of the sweet potatoes to Ahlul Irfan Al Kholili Islamic Boarding School. (ACTNews)

Global Wakaf-ACT Jember has also encouraged the community in Jember to take part in this movement. One truck of sweet potato arrived in Jember, delivering 5.5 ton of sweet potato to be distributed to boarding schools in the eastern salient of Java on Friday (2/12/2021). Some of these sweet potatoes were immediately distributed in five Islamic boarding schools: Ahlul Irfan Al Kholili Islamic Boarding School, Al Wahah Islamic Boarding School, Al Khoirot Educational Institute, Nailil Huda Islamic Boarding School, KH. Anshori Rifai.

"The distribution of these sweet potatoes will continue to be carried out in many Islamic boarding schools in Eastern Salient of Java. At the moment, we are distributing 3 tons out of 5.5 tons to five Islamic boarding schools. We will continue to distribute the sweet potatoes in the eastern salient of Java, "explained Renandra Saputra from the Global Wakaf – ACT Jember Program Department.

He added that the distribution of sweet potatoes in Jember area was an effort to improve farmers 'welfare and to provide food for students in Islamic boarding schools.

Muhammad Aly Yasir as caretaker of the Ahlul Irfan Al Kholili Islamic Boarding School, expressed his gratitude to Global Wakaf-ACT and YP3I for the distribution of sweet potatoes. In addition, Muhammad Aly Yasir also hoped that the various food programs launched by Global Waqf -  ACT and YP3I can continue to help other farmers who suffering from financial losses.

"We are very grateful to Allah for the donation of sweet potatoes given by ACT and YP3I. We hope that assistance will not only benefit Islamic boarding schools, but also lighten the burden on the sweet potato farmers,” said Muhammad. []