Global Wakaf-ACT Launches Aceh Waqf Corporation to Empower Waqf Assets

Global Wakaf-ACT Aceh strengthens waqf management as a solution to poverty. This was realized by launching the Aceh Waqf Corporation on Saturday (6/19/2021).

President GIP Ahyudin
President of Global Islamic Philanthropy (GIP) Ahyudin signs a plaque as a symbol of the launch of Aceh Waqf Corporation at the Ballroom of Hermes Hotel Banda Aceh, Saturday (6/19/2021). (ACTNews)

ACTNews, BANDA ACEH – On Saturday (6/19/2021), Global Wakaf Corporation-ACT launched Aceh Waqf Corporation at the Ballroom of Hermes Hotel, Banda Aceh. The event was also attended by President of Global Islamic Philanthropy Ahyudin, President of Global WakafCorporation Gunawan, Regional Head of ACT Northern Sumatra Husaini Ismail, Chair of the Aceh Baitul Mal Agency Professor Nazaruddin A. Wahid, Vice President of Palm Gardens, and Founder of Islamic City Barbate Mahdi Muhammad, and Director Funds and Services of Bank Aceh Syariah Amal Hasan.

In his speech, Ahyudin said, Aceh Waqf Corporation was initiated because waqf is very important for the community and a turning point for civilization.

“Poverty is a much more complex and extraordinary problem. What is the most extraordinary capital to eradicate this poverty? It is a waqf,” said Ahyudin.

Furthermore, Ahyudin said, with the presence of the Aceh Waqf Corporation, the Aceh Integrated Waqf Area (KWT) was also formed. In KWT, there is an education zone, health zone, a social zone, and a large mosque, so that people can feel the benefits of waqf in one area.

KWT will collect the benefits of waqf which will later be distributed to those in need. Through productive capital waqf, the poverty problem will find a solution. It also can be a medium of education for the community about the greatness of waqf. One of the productive waqfs that already exists is the Waqf-based Livestock Barn in Barbate, Ie Suum Village, Aceh Besar, and in the Aceh Jaya area.

“Global Wakaf Corporation controls the company, and its vision is to be an international Islamic philanthropic institution based on a professional waqf management system to create a better civilization. Currently, starting from Aceh, we echo the Aceh Waqf Corporation which focuses on food issues. Hence, the food needs of the community can be met through the management of waqf. We have a waqif (benefactor) from the food sector, Mr. Hariyadi. He has donated his land for Productive Agricultural Waqf, a research laboratory, and the best rice seeds which we will maximize in Aceh," said Gunawan, President of Global Wakaf Corporation.

In Aceh, apart from Waqf-based Livestock Barn, there are other waqf assets, namely a date palm plantation in the Barbate area, Ie Suum, Aceh Besar, a citronella field in Aceh Jaya, and a waqf house which is now functioning as a tahfiz house in the Jeulingke area, Banda Aceh. All of these waqf assets are expected to improve the economy of the community through waqf.

In this event, a signing ceremony for the launch of Aceh Waqf Corporation was attended by GIP President Ahyudin, Global Wakaf Corporation President Gunawan, The Regional Manager of ACT Sumbagut Husaini Ismail, Chair of the Aceh Baitul Mal Agency Professor Nazaruddin A. Wahid, Vice President of Palm Gardens and Islamic City Founder Barbate Syukri Syafii and Mahdi Muhammad, also a Director of Funds and Services at Bank Aceh Syariah Amal Hasan.

Representatives from Aceh, Ikatan Saudagar Muslim se-Indonesia (ISMI) Aceh, and other ACT partners who also supported the launch of the Aceh Waqf Corporation were also present in the event.[]