Global Wakaf-ACT Provides Clean Water Sources for People in Pacitan's Ketro Village

People in Ketro Village used to fetch water with a bucket from the reservoir. They could go back and forth six times every time they needed clean water.

Fulfilling the water needs of Ketro Village, Global Wakaf-ACT presents Waqf Well and toilets. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, PACITAN – Ketro Village in Kebonagung District, is located in a limestone mountain area in Pacitan Regency. The condition made people in Ketro Village difficult to get clean water. Even when there was water, it was often cloudy due to the limestone.

From Global Wakaf-ACT Madiun, Aferu Fajar explained that the water in Ketro Village was not suitable for consumption. Based on the result of Global Wakaf - ACT assessment, both the water for consumption and irrigation was murky.

“Actually, there is one source of clean water that residents rely on. It is a reservoir made by people in Ketro Village. However, it is far from the residential area. People collect water with a bucket to their homes. People can go back and forth six times at a time to meet their water needs,” said Aferu.

To facilitate the locals in getting clean water, Global Wakaf-ACT built pipes to carry the water from the source to Al-Fattah Islamic School, one of the educational institutions in the area.

“We chose Al-Fattah Islamic School as the community gathering point. Inshaallah, now that the water has been carried from the source to Al Fattah Islamic School that is located near the residential area, it will be easier for them to get clean water. We also built toilets at Al Fattah Islamic School,” explained Aferu.

Ustazah Wiwin as a manager of Al Fattah Islamic School, on behalf of the community, expressed her gratitude for the assistance from Global Wakaf- ACT. She was grateful that people could get clean water more effectively.

Alhamdulillah, with this assistance, we will no longer have trouble getting water. Before this, we had to carry water buckets by ourselves. In fact, the students at Al Fattah Islamic School often had to volunteer to carry water. May Allah give rewards to all benefactors,” she said.