Global Wakaf - ACT Provides Riaydhl Awamil Islamic Boarding Schools with Water Well and Toilets

The students at the Riyadhl Awamil Islamic Boarding School often have to use the toilets at the principal’s house. Despite the lack of proper facilities, their enthusiasm for studying never falters.

riyadhl awamil
There are currently fifteen studying at Riyadhl Awamil Islamic Boarding School. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, SERANG CITY – When they need to go to the toilet, the students at the Riyadhl Awamil Islamic Boarding School often have to go to their principal’s house. At times, they have to go to a nearby river.

“This Islamic boarding school urgently needs toilets because clean water is a basic need, and there are 15 students who really need sanitation facilities," said Sukmajaya Laksana from Global Wakaf – ACT, Friday (12/3/2021).

To cover its operational costs, the Islamic boarding school only charges IDR 10,000 a month for each student for electricity. “However, it is not mandatory because around 70 percent of the students are from poor families,” said Sukma.

They have no permanent classrooms, using only a hall for learning activities. The students sleep in dormitories made of bamboo. Their walls are full of holes and are unable to protect them when the rain falls heavily.

The walls of the dormitories are full of holes that they often leak during heavy rains. (ACTNews)

Despite these limitations, the enthusiasm of both the students and the teachers never weakens. Ustaz Sarta, the founder and principal of the school, has been struggling to educate local children through the Islamic boarding school since 2018. He sometimes uses his own money for the operation and construction of the school.

“Ustaz Sarta built his school out of concern for the local children’s education that is hampered by poverty,” said Sukma.

Global Wakaf – ACT supported Riyadhl Awamil Islamic Boarding School by building a waqf well that was inaugurated in June 2021. The waqf well construction was met with gratitude from Ustaz Sarta himself.

“I thank Global Wakaf – ACT and the donors who have set aside some of their wealth. This waqf well is very beneficial to support the students,” said Ustaz Sarta. []