Global Wakaf - ACT Supports Food Security of Thousands of Santris in Central Java and East Java

Global Wakaf - ACT distributed a number staple food packages in East Java and Central Java as an implementation of the collaboration between Global Wakaf – ACT and Yayasan Penguatan Peran Pesantren (YP3I).

Students in an Islamic Boarding School in Central Java carrying the rice sacks to their boarding school. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, SURABAYA - The collaboration between Global Wakaf - ACT and Yayasan Penguatan Peran Pesantren (YP3I) continues. Through the Productive Food Waqf program, Global Wakaf - ACT distributed a staple food packages to a number of Islamic boarding schools in East Java and Central Java.

Among them was Miftachus Sunnah Islamic Boarding School in Pacar Kembang, Tambaksari, Surabaya on Tuesday (12/29/2020). Half a ton of Waqf Rice and dozens of boxes of Waqf Drinking Water were distributed to meet the needs of the students.

"Waqf Rice and Waqf Drinking Water was distributed to support the students’ activities to deepen their worldly and spiritual knowledge. This is Global Wakaf - ACT's initiative in general to continue to work with pesantrens as one of the nation’s pillars to build an Islamic civilization," said Dipo Hadi of ACT Surabaya Program Team.

Rice and drinking water distribution also reached pesantrens in Central Java on Monday (1/11/2021). Langitan Islamic Boarding School in Tuban, Kauman Islamic Boarding School in Lasem, Yanbu'ul Quran Islamic Boarding School in Kudus, and Futuhiyah Islamic Boarding School in Demak. About 1,000 santris from these schools benefitted from the rice and drinking water distribution.

“Alhamdulillah, these visits to the Islamic boarding schools in the north coast of Java were facilitated by Abuya K.H. Mahfud Syaubari of YP31 who actively take part in conveying the food security strengthening agenda between YP3I and Global Wakaf – ACT, inviting Islamic boarding schools in the Javanese north coast region to synergize. As a gift and a sign of sympathy for these pesantrens, we delivered 4 tons of Waqf Rice and 250 boxes of Waqf Drinking Water,” said the Head of ACT Regional II Ponco Sri Ariyanto.

This assistance was welcomed by various parties, one of them was KH Abdul Adhim Alwi, Head of the Nahdatul Ulama Branch of Mojokerto Regency. He said, this program was a breakthrough in difficult times like now, and he hoped this assistance will continue.

"Because we are an extension of the Muslim scholars, and Muslims scholars are the ones who look upon the Muslim community with the gaze of compassion. If this kind of compassionate action is what we do in these difficult times, we hope that this assistance will be accepted as a form of worship for the sake of Allah,” said K.H. Abdul Adhim. []