Global Wakaf-ACT Supports Grandma Dainah’s Grocery Shop

From a young age, Dainah has been doing business by selling in the market. Recently, she left the market and opens a grocery shop at her home.

Handover of business assistance from Global Wakaf-ACT to Dainah. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, PEKALONGAN REGENCY – When Global Wakaf-ACT team visited her house, Dainah was listing her merchandise.

Dainah is not a new business player. She has been selling since she was young. Initially, she only sold breakfast meals at Pekalongan Fish Auction Place (TPI).

Aditya Nugraha from Global Wakaf-ACT Pekalongan team who visited Grandma Dainah said that in her heyday, many people bought Grandma Dainah's merchandise.

“However, now Grandma Dainah no longer has enough energy to sell at the market. Therefore, she decides to open a grocery shop at her house,” said Aditya.

Global Wakaf-ACT supports the business of Grandma Dainah by providing business capital assistance and monitoring. Hopefully, the assistance can develop Grandma Dainah’s grocery shop business.

In addition to Grandma Dainah, ACT Pekalongan team also delivered business capital assistance to several micro-business owners in Pekalongan. “Hopefully, with support from the benefactors, efforts to strengthen MSME owners can be carried out continuously,” Aditya concluded.[]