Global Wakaf Collaborates with Mosque Boards to Support Micro Businesses in East Jakarta

Through the Waqf for Micro Business Capital program, Global Wakaf - ACT is collaborating with mosques in East Jakarta to assist ultra-micro entrepreneurs. On Friday (9/4), this program was launched simultaneously in East Jakarta, South Jakarta, Central Jakarta and Bogor.

The handover of Waqf for Micro Business Capital by the Head of Pasar Rebo, Anton Widodo, to the Umi Maryati (left), a small-business owner, the Head of Kalisari District Suwindarto (center), and Branch Manager of ACT East Jakarta Branch Nurhijrah Muhammad (right). (ACTNews)

ACTNews, EAST Jakarta -  Global Wakaf - ACT is collaborating with mosques in East Jakarta to improve the welfare of MSME owners. The launching of the Waqf for Micro Business Capital program is expected to provide opportunities to small businesses to develop through the provision of interest-free capital support.

Located in Baitul Muttaqin Mosque in East Jakarta, eight beneficiaries of the Waqf for Micro Business Capital attended the launching that was held on Friday (9/4).

Aksi Cepat Tanggap East Jakarta Branch Manager Nurhijrah Muhammad explained that this program not only helps small business actors, but also encourages mosques to take their role in the awakening of Islamic philanthropy.

“In line with the spirit of awakening Islamic philanthropy, Islamic values ​​will also be instilled in every business meeting. Hence, the glory of waqf will impact not only on their wealth but also on their spirituality, "Nurhijriah explained.

The activity was also attended by the Head of Pasar Rebo District Raden Anton Widodo and Kalisari Village Head Suwindarto. They appreciated the launching of the program which directly collaborates with mosques. "This program is very helpful for small business owners who lack capital, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. Small business owners no longer need to be in debt to moneylenders or other usury-based financial institutions, "said Raden Anton. He hopes that this program can drive the economy of the people in East Jakarta. []