Global Wakaf Holds Water Resources Management Training through Waqf Well Program

Global Wakaf provided training for program implementers in all Global Wakaf-ACT branches. Hence, the implementers will maximize the outcome of Waqf Well management.

Global Wakaf training
The speaker presents the process of locating water points before excavation in the first session of the training. (ACTNews/Reza Mardha

ACTNews, JAKARTA – Global Wakaf-ACT provided training for the Waqf Well program's implementers. The first session, titled 'Integrated Water Resources Management,' took place at the Global Wakaf-ACT Headquarters in Menara 165, South Jakarta, on Thursday (3/31/2022).

Moch Nurul Ramadhan, a member of the Productive Water Waqf Team, explained that the goal of this training was to improve the implementers' skills.

"This training is part of our effort to keep the wakif's trust in waqf funds. We strive to achieve the best possible results from the Waqf Well program by utilizing these funds," Nurul stated.

Global Wakaf-ACT invited Herman Susilo, a geology and groundwater practitioner, as a speaker. Heman described the process of locating water sources before excavation. He explained that the initial stage must be preceded by the geoelectric process.

"First, we must examine the hydrogeology. We simplify the drilling steps that are not commercial or social," Herman explained.

Herman hopes that the information will be understood by the Waqf Well program's implementers, particularly in terms of minimizing errors in groundwater extraction. "Later, we will be able to properly determine where to drill. We need to make sure there is enough water. If there is no water, there will only be holes after drilling," Herman stated.[]