Global Wakaf Provides Waqf Well in Al-Mussadar Gaza

The water crisis has become unstoppable for the Gazans. Responding to the situation, Global Wakaf-ACT strived to build a Waqf Well to provide adequate clean water in Al-Mussadar Gaza, Palestine.

Waqf well.
The Happiness of Gazan children receiving a Waqf Well from Global Wakaf-ACT in Al-Mussadar Gaza, Palestine. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, GAZA – The water crisis has become unstoppable for the Gazans. The umpteenth attacks by Israeli forces have damaged water desalination plants in Gaza. As a result, the water’s purity is also affected.

The Global Institute for Water, Environment, and Health and the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor said water in Gaza is “undrinkable” and “slowly poisoning” people as the long-term Israeli blockade has caused a serious deterioration of water security in Gaza, making 97% of the water contaminated.

Responding to the water crisis in Gaza, Global Wakaf-ACT strives to provide adequate clean water sources by constructing Waqf Wells.

Alhamdulillah, our spirit to rebuild Palestine is gradually and continuously being made easy by Allah. Currently, the construction of the 37th Waqf Well that is located in Al-Mussadar Gaza has been completed,” said Said Mukaffiy from ACT’s Global Humanity Network team, Friday (11/12/2021).

Said continued that the Waqf Well construction in Al-Mussadar was not without reason. Many people in the location have suffered from waterborne disease. In addition, Al-Musssadar also has a bad sewage system.

“In addition to the clean water crisis, most of the people here depend on the agricultural sector. However, attacks from Israeli forces have destroyed the Gazans’ agricultural land,” said Mukaffiy.

Technically, the Waqf Well in Al-Mussadar Gaza was constructed by drilling 78 meters underground, using a 14-meter long water filter, up to the installation of plastic pipes with a pressure of 10 bar. This Waqf Well can drain 11 cubic meters of water per hour and there is a water desalination plant with a production capacity of 15 cubic meters.[]