Global Zakat Aims to Strengthen Zakat Education and Expand Benefits in Its 8th Anniversary

In commemoration of its 8th anniversary, Global Zakat endeavors to educate the community more massively about zakat and expand the benefits of zakat implementations.

global zakat
Commemoration of Global Zakat’s 8th anniversary. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, JAKARTA – Global Zakat, an Indonesia-based zakat administration institution under Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) has officially turned 8 years old on Tuesday (3/1/2022). On its 8th anniversary, Global Zakat strengthens its commitment to continuing to carry out zakat management in a professional, trustworthy, and wide-reaching manner.

For eight years working with the community, Global Zakat has distributed zakat from hundreds of thousands of donors to 20 million beneficiaries who are the rightful recipients of zakat. Global Zakat is committed to delivering zakat on target to eight categories of people as prescribed in the Quran.

"Alhamdulillah, since 2014, Global Zakat has received an official decree from the Ministry of Religious Affairs and the Indonesian National Zakat Board (Baznas). Since then, Global Zakat has accelerated in educating the community about zakat and strengthening our team throughout Indonesia," said Global Zakat President Awal Purnama, Tuesday (3/1/2022).

Awal explained that since the year 2000, many zakat institutions have been established in Indonesia. Although Global Zakat is relatively young compared to other institutions, Awal emphasized that Global Zakat’s role is quite significant in developing the potential of zakat in Indonesia.

"In Indonesia, we have reached beneficiaries in 34 provinces while on the global level Global Zakat prioritizes implementation for countries and communities hit by food insecurity and poverty due to natural disasters and humanitarian conflicts such as Syria, Yemen, the Rohingya, Palestine, and Somalia," explained Awal.

In its implementation, Global Zakat divides its programs into four categories, namely food, education, Islamic preaching, and health.

Free Food Operation, rice distribution through the Humanity Rice Truck, water distribution through the Humanity Water Truck, as well as the Humanity Food Truck and Humanity Food Bus are the manifestation of zakat implementation in the food sector. In the education sector, Global Zakat has programs to support students and teachers namely the Friends of Indonesian Students and Friends of Indonesian Teachers programs. Assistance from the zakat funds is given to students and teachers who are included in the eight categories of zakat recipients.

To support Islamic preaching, Global Zakat provides prayer kits and financial assistance for Muslim preachers who have dedicated themselves to preaching in remote parts of Indonesia through the National Movement for Indonesian Preachers’ Prosperity. In the health category, Global Zakat supports the Mobile Social Rescue program through the provision of free medical services for the poor.

Awal said, in 2022, Global Zakat seeks to be able to reach its beneficiaries more broadly. This year, Global Zakat will strengthen zakat education and expand the benefits of zakat "This year we will also boost the synergies between Global Zakat and all stakeholders, both in Indonesia and the world, to strengthen our efforts to eradicate poverty which is the root of many humanitarian problems," concluded Awal. []