Global Zakat Provides Aid for Epilepsy Treatment of Ashylla

Ashylla Fitriani's parents must work hard for her recovery, as she now suffers from epilepsy, particularly to purchase medicines.

(MRI) Ciamis
A member of Masyarakat Relawan Indonesia (MRI) Ciamis visits Ashylla Fitriani's home to offer compensation. (ACTNews/Andra)

ACTNews, CIAMIS – Ashylla Fitriani, an eight-year-old girl with epilepsy, received financial assistance from Global Zakat-ACT. The team arrived at the home of Saeful Hoer (37) and Dian Andriyani (40), who were in Citutut Hamlet, Adultri Village, Cijeungjing District, Ciamis Regency on Monday (5/16/2022).

Ashylla is the younger of two children. Her mother sells fried food every day at school, and her father works in a motorcycle repair shop. Both of them earn less than IDR 50 thousand per day on average.

"They are also struggling to pay for Ashylla's treatment with this income. They are having a hard time because they also have to meet their families' daily needs," said Andra from the Global Zakat-ACT Ciamis Program Team.

They currently require assistance with medical expenses and daily necessities, particularly for their children's health supplements. "Hopefully, our assistance will alleviate the burden on Mr. Saeful's family, particularly for Ashylla's treatment," Andra said.

In the future, the team hopes to raise funds for Ashylla's epilepsy treatment. Dian gratefully accepted these offers of assistance. Dian expressed gratitude to Global Zakat-ACT for distributing the aid. She also hopes that her daughter Ashylla will recover quickly. []