GNSDI Supports Ustaz Hoerudin's Struggle

Ustaz Hoerudin strives to meet his daily necessities by trading while working as a religious teacher.

Ustaz Hoerudin
Starting in the morning, Ustaz Hoerudin sells kupat sayur from a cart. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, SUKABUMI CITY – The National Movement for Indonesian Preachers' Prosperity reached out to devout preachers in remote areas of Indonesia's far reaches. Ustaz Hoerudin, a preacher from Limusnunggal Village, Cikundul Village, Overtime Situ District, Sukabumi City, received the assistance this time. 

Every day, after Fajr and Maghrib's prayer, Ustaz Hoerudin teaches the people how to recite the Quran. Students of Ustaz Hoerudin range in age from children to adults.

Ustaz Hoerudin, on the other hand, does not make a living as a teacher. Ustaz Hoerudin chose to become a seller to meet his daily necessities despite his busy preaching schedule. "I sell kupat sayur from the morning till midday or evening, using a cart. Sometimes, my wife also helps sell," Ustaz Hoerudin said On Monday (1/17/2022).

Global Zakat-ACT appreciated  Ustaz Hoerudin's struggle in guiding the community to recite the Quran through the National Movement for Indonesian Preachers’ Prosperity program. Ustaz Hoerudin received food packages from the Global Zakat team. Hopefully, the help will instill in him the desire to continue preaching.

Ustaz Hoerudin also expressed his gratitude for the help he received from Global Zakat-ACT and Generous Friends. Ustaz Hoerudin remarked, "May Allah return the goodwill of Generous Friends who have entrusted Global Zakat-ACT with the distribution of this charity." []