Grandma Ijem, a Nearly One Century Old Elderly Who Lives Alone

Assistance from the benefactors will be very meaningful for Grandma Ijem. She lives by herself at a very old age. ACT Kulon Progo asks Generous Benefactors to send their assistance to Grandma Ijem.

Grandma Ijem
Grandma Ijem or Wasinem (91), an elderly in Pedukuhan Bantar Wetan, Banguncipto Village, Sentolo District, Kulon Progo, Special Region of Yogyakarta. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, KULONPROGO – Wasinem (91) or often called Mbah Ijem, an elderly in Bantar Wetan Hamlet, Banguncipto Village, Sentolo District, Kulon Progo, Special Region of Yogyakarta, must live alone. Mbah Ijem's husband had passed away 25 years ago. They both do not have a child.

At her age which is almost a century, Mbah Ijem still has to struggle to make a living. She opens a simple grocery shop at her house and sells it to her neighbors.

Every day, Grandma Ijem sits pensively on the wooden couch in front of her shop. Her eyes seem to be empty waiting for her customers. Oftentimes, there is no single buyer at all and it makes her sad. Sometimes, her surrounding neighbors feel sorry and sad about Mbah Ijem's condition then intend to buy one or two packs of instant noodles.

Grandma Ijem’s simple grocery shop. (ACTNews)

If Grandma Ijem runs out of money, she will sell her fowls to her neighbors for IDR 45 thousand each. She never thinks about getting a lot of profit as for her, the most important thing is to be able to buy rice to meet her needs.

She only lives in a bricked house with soil as the floor. She is worried that if the rain comes, her house will be inundated due to roof leakage.

Furthermore, her bedroom is not even better. There is no soft mattress nor blanket to warm her feeble body. Instead, there is only a wooden couch covered by worn sacks, a pillow, and a bolster made of rotten cotton wool.

ACT-MRI Kulon Progo currently raises funds to help Grandma Ijem. Muhammad Imam Afandi from ACT Program team explains that later, the collected assistance will be realized by buying basic necessities for Grandma Ijem.

“She wants to have a soft mattress along with its pillow since her body often gets sick. We also plan to buy up her merchandise and provide financial assistance for her. We ask for support from Generous Benefactors,” said Imam.[]