Grandpa Harjo and Grandma Sarwi Live in an Old Hut and Make a Meager Living

Grandpa Harjo and Grandma Sarwi are both thought to be over eighty. They now rely on their neighbors to meet their daily needs because their physical condition is deteriorating.

ACT Solo
ACT Solo visits Grandpa Harjo and Grandma Sarwi's house with a village apparatus. (ACTNews/Taufik)

ACTNews, BOYOLALI – Grandpa Harjo and Grandma Sarwi are both elderly and live alone. Their shelter is a simple house that appears to be neglected. In Klewer Hamlet, Karangduren Village, RT/RW 10/05, Sawit District, Boyolali Regency, a chicken coop merges with a kitchen where they live.

Grandpa Harjo and Grandma Sarwi do not even have a bed. They only have a worn-out mat and a small carpet as a blanket. The house appears unkempt because they cannot walk properly, let alone engage in strenuous activities.

They frequently wait for food deliveries from neighbors who take turns every day because some of their relatives have died. "One of Grandpa Harjo's younger brothers estimated that he and Grandmother Sarwi were both over eighty years old. They rely solely on their neighbors to eat or clean the house," Ardiyan Sapto of the Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) Solo Program Team explained.

Front view of Grandpa Harjo and Grandmother Sarwi's house. (ACTNews/Taufik)

On hearing the news, ACT Solo responded on Tuesday (5/24/2022) by assisting and distributing humanitarian aid to Grandpa Harjo and Grandmother Sarwi. ACT provided a food package that included bread, biscuits, milk, and mineral water.

They also received new clothes, mattresses, and pillows. Since last February, ACT Solo has provided them with medical and social services. "The assistance has been delivered in stages, and it is hoped that ACT will be able to meet their daily food requirements," he explained.

ACT Solo is doing everything it can to assist Grandpa Harjo and Grandma Sarwi in surviving at this age. ACT Solo's assistance to Harjo's grandfather and Sarwi's grandmother demonstrates ACT's commitment to distributing benefits fairly.

"We want Grandpa Harjo and Grandma Sarwi to feel joy in their old age based on the feeling of sharing happiness with others," Ardiyan added. []