Great Harvest Empowers Anjir Serapat Muara I Farmers

Farmers assisted by Global Wakaf-ACT in Anjir Serapat Muara I Village, Anjir Muara, Barito Kuala, celebrated harvest at the beginning of September. The festive was excitedly celebrated by various parties.

Anjir Serapat Muara I Farmers.
Festive of great harvest by farmers under MPPI Anjir Serapat Muara I Unit. (ACTNews/Fikri)

ACTNews, BARITO KUALA – Happiness was radiated from the farmers’ faces in Anjir Serapat Muara I Village, Anjir Muara District, Barito Kuala Regency. It is because after going through the planting period, on Saturday (9/4/2021) morning, farmers began to reap their harvest.

These 20 farmers are members of Masyarakat Produsen Pangan Indonesia (Indonesian Food Producer Society) Anjir Serapat Muara I Unit. They are farmers whose capital is supported by Global Wakaf-ACT. The capital assistance is expected to free farmers from moneylenders and middlemen, also to make them become independent farmers.

The harvest festive in Anjir Serapat Muara I Village was also attended by Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) team, Maju Bersama Farmers Group, the Village Head, to the security forces including police and National Military of Indonesian (TNI). On this occasion, Branch Manager of ACT South Kalimantan, Zainal Arifin, said that it was the first harvest since the farmers received assistance from Global Wakaf-ACT.

“Today, the farmers of Kelompok Tani Maju Bersama assisted by MPPI program by Global Wakaf welcome their harvest blessings. The funds channeled to farmers here are a mandate from our partner Amanah Borneo Park,” explained Zainal.

Zainal adds that in the future empowerment program for farmers will continue to be carried out and expanded. With that spirit, the farmers are expected to be free from detrimental debts from moneylenders and middlemen.

The Bhabinkamtibmas (community police officer) of Anjir Serapat Muara I Village, Brigadier Ahmad Murdhany welcomed MPPI in their village since they brought great impacts to the village’s economic and security aspects.

“I call it security aspect because if the residents of Anjir Serapat Muara I have a good economic condition, automatically crime such as theft will decrease since their lives have been guaranteed economically,” said Murdhany.[]