Habibi Struggles to Develop Business Amid Sickness

Initially, Habibi (46)’s coffee stall was running smoothly, Sadly, when he fell ill, making ends meet has been much more difficult.

Habibi's coffee stall is open for 24 hours a day. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, SERANG REGENCY – For the past five years, the coffee stall that Habibi (46) owns was running quite smoothly. It opens for 24 hours, serving people who want to have some coffee, drinks, snacks, or light meals.

Unfortunately, Habibi’s endeavor has been hampered due to the illness he’s been suffering. He often feels pain in his head and chest. Since then, not a day has passed without Habibi feeling dizzy, vomiting, even fainting.

"I've gone to several doctors, but have not recovered until now," said Habibi when met at his home in Kebuyutan Village, Tirtayasa District, Serang Regency.

To cover his medical costs, he often has to sell his belongings, including his TV and fridge. For an additional income, he also works other jobs.

"Sometimes I sell banana leaves to people who need them to wrap foods, or collect copper wire to be sold," Habibi said. There is not much Habibi can do at this time. One time, he even received an offer to make hampers, but he had to turn it down due to medical reasons.

But Habibi never gives up. He remains strong and optimistic about life. Habibi never begs or asks for help.

To help Habibi’s business grow, Global Wakaf-ACT provides him with assistance through the Waqf for MSMEs program. Hopefully, his business can thrive to help him cover his daily and medical costs. []