Halima is Blind, Lives Alone in a Narrow House

Halima, a visually-impaired elderly, must live alone. She lives in a narrow stilt-house measuring 3 by 3 meters.

The condition of the house where Halima lives. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, SIDRAP – Halima (69) has to live alone in her old age. The blind grandmother lives in a simple stilt house in Watang Pulu District, Sidrap Regency, South Sulawesi Province.

The stilt house measures 3 by3 meters, has a tin roof and has bamboo woven walls that are starting to rot. Some of the walls were perforated and patched with zinc sheets. The scorching sun makes the air in the house sting.

Firman from ACT South Sulawesi says Halima relies on help from neighbors and relatives, who occasionally visit her, to meet her daily food needs. There is nothing she can do but spend her old age in worship.

“Sadly, in her old age, she has to live alone. She spends her time in uninhabitable homes. However, she refused to beg. Neighbors are aware and feel sorry for her condition,” said Firman, Monday (29/11/2021).

MRI-ACT Sidrap volunteer team delivered financial assistance and food packages that could meet her needs for a month. The benefactors supported this assistance.

"Generous friends, poor people, who are reluctant to ask, are waiting for your help," said Firman.[]