Hamdan Zoelva Supports Humanitarian Ship for Palestine

Hamdan Zoelva Supports Humanitarian Ship for Palestine

ACTNews, JAKARTA – In a few months, Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) will sail another Humanitarian Ship for Palestine, carrying foodstuffs for the oppressed Palestinians. This humanitarian initiative gained support from various Indonesian public figures, including Chairman of Syarikat Islam organization, Hamdan Zoelva.

When Zoelva visited ACT headquarter on Wednesday (3/13), he expressed his support for the Humanitarian Ship for Palestine II. “The arrival of the aid ship from the people of Indonesia for Palestine through ACT will bring benefits to the people of Palestine,” said Zoelva.

He added that Syarekat Islam as one of the oldest Indonesian organizations will take part in the delivery of aid to Palestine. He hoped that the aid for Palestine will alleviate the suffering of the nation that is currently living in blockade.

Zoelva also expressed his sympathy for the people around Al-Aqsa mosque who were barred from entering the Sacred Compound on Tuesday (3/12) night. The Muslim worshippers were expelled from Al-Aqsa Compound by Israeli authority.

The prolonged conflict in Palestine has resulted in several crises that affect the quality of life of the Palestinians. According to some Palestinians who visited ACT’s office in Jakarta few weeks ago, only 3 percent of water is drinkable, and electricity only runs four hours a day. The Palestinians have also only restricted access to worship in Jerusalem. []



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