Hand in Hand to Help Pak Ogah

The news about Abdul Hamid who is lying sick has recently become the talk of the town. The voice over of legendary character ‘Pak Ogah’ is also waiting for support in the midst of no income situation.

Pak Ogah and his wife.
Pak Ogah (right) and his wife during ACT visit to his house in Bekasi. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, BEKASI – Since have not been able to hear about him for a while, the actor as well as the voice-over of ‘Pak Ogah’ character in Si Unyil series, Abdul Hamid (73) is now in worrying condition. The Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) Bekasi City team had the opportunity to visit his house in Jatiasih, Bekasi City by the end of May. During the visit, his wife explained that Pak Ogah is diagnosed with blocked blood vessels in his brain so that his health condition declined and he had speech and movement difficulties.

“His head is hurt and it’s difficult for him to talk and read. Thus, he can no longer fill in the voice of ‘Pak Ogah’ for these past months. Though, it was our only income. Pak Ogah even fainted due to his unbearable pain,” explained Pak Ogah’s wife, Yuyun Widayani.

“This year is my first time to receive zakat ul-fitr from the mosque. I had never received it before. Ya Allah, since we are in a difficult situation, but Alhamdulillah, no we can survive again because of the assistance,” she said.

Yuyun explained that Pak Ogah is now being treated in the hospital after a few days ago he had to be rushed there. "Since last night, he has been hospitalized again," Yuyun continued by telephone to the ACT Bekasi team, Tuesday (1/6/2021).

Responding to the saddening condition, ACT Bekasi City initiates a donation raising for Pak Ogah through Indonesia Dermawan and Kitabisa.com website. The fundraising is the effort of ACT to facilitate the generous benefactors who want to ease the difficulties of Pak Ogah’s family.

“Looking at the condition of Pak Ogah who is currently sick with economic difficulties, ACT Bekasi City strives to collect donations from the community. Hopefully, this action can help Pak Ogah and his family so that we and the next generation successors can continue to enjoy the voice of Pak Ogah with his unique voice. Everyone who wants to help can send the donation through the Indonesia Dermawan website,” said ACT Bekasi City Program Team Ihsan Hafizhan.

For your information, Pak Ogah is one of the legendary television puppet show characters ‘Si Unyil’ since the 1980s. Currently, the show is broadcasted in a program named ‘Laptop Si Unyil’ on a private television channel. Pak Ogah with his authentic voice has become a legendary character.[]