Hartini Gives Alms Every Friday through Geprek Chicken Rice

Hartini’s routine every Friday as a geprek chicken rice seller in Depok, West Java, is busier than the other days. It is because Hartini always cooks more portions of the dish to be given away as her alms to the people in need.

Friday alms.
Hartini puts the fried chickens to the display window of her geprek chicken rice stall. (ACTNews/Ichsan Ali)

ACTNews, DEPOK CITY – A geprek chicken stall named “Papay Chicken” that is located around a railway in Jalan Rawa Geni Raya, Ratu Jaya Village, Cipayung District, Depok City, West Java, was looking busy preparing the orders, Friday (9/10/2021).

When ACTNews team visited the chicken stall with red and orange colors, Hartini (48), the stall owner, was frying dozens of pieces of chicken that will be sold that day.

Every Friday, Hartini is busier than usual. She has to prepare 20 to 40 more portions of geprek chicken rice to be given away to the people in need.