Hasna’s Dedication to Teaching Never Falters Despite Difficulties

Hasnawati (29) started teaching five years ago. Earning only a modest salary does not weaken her spirit in teaching the students at Al-Anshar Islamic High School in Aceh Jaya.

When she began teaching, she received only IDR160,000 a month. (ACTNews/Furqan)

ACTNews, ACEH JAYA – Clad in her raincoat that protected her against the drizzle, Hasnawati (29) rode her motorbike slowly and carefully although the road was quiet. For a moment, she thought the rain would get heavier and make it more difficult for her to reach the school where she teaches.

Luckily, she arrived safely at her workplace at Al-Anshar Islamic High School in Lhok Geulumpang Village in Setia Bakti District of Aceh Jaya Regency. She has been working there as a mathematics teacher for five years, a choice she made out of inspiration that she took from the late Haji Mustafa.  

Haji Mustafa was the founder and chairman of Al-Ansar High School who focused on providing quality education for impoverished children in Aceh Jaya, and what Hasna and her fellow teachers have been doing is continuing to realize Haji Mustafa’s vision.

When she began teaching, she earned a meager salary of IDR160,000 a month. At times, she felt heavily burdened by her job. However, Hasna’s husband has always been supportive of her dedication to the students of Al-Anshar Islamic High School. He set aside some of his income to support her teaching activities.

Slowly, Hasna began to learn that there are blessings behind her struggle as a teacher. For example, the migraine that she had been suffering for quite some time was cured. “Maybe I don’t earn much here, but I am very grateful. My migraine was cured without having to spend a penny. It’s true that if we want to help others, Allah will help us out of our troubles,” said Hasna, Wednesday (1/5/2022).

Hasna can’t help but cry every time she tells her struggle as a teacher. (ACTNews/Furqan)

To earn extra income, Hasna becomes an online seller, selling many kinds of women’s needs through social media platforms.

“I sell many things from women’s clothes, children’s clothes, cosmetics, to accessories for a little profit to support my teaching activities. I often leave for work early to deliver the goods to my customers,” said Hasna.

Global Zakat – ACT handed over financial assistance to Hasna through the Friends of Indonesian Teachers program with the hope that it can encourage her more and uplift her enthusiasm.

“We are grateful that Global Zakat – ACT came to visit us today to share the joy. I pray that the generous donors who have

 “We are very grateful that Global Zakat-ACT came to visit our place today, and also share the joy. Hopefully the Generous Friends who have entrusted this compensation to us will always be given health and the blessings of life," said Hasna. []