Hastening the Construction of the ICS in Lebak

The foundations of some of the shelters have finished construction. The construction of the ICS designated for the victims of the flash flood in early 2020 is targeted to finish in the next 3 to 4 weeks after.

Within only two days following the groundbreaking ceremony on Tuesday (3/3), the progress of the construction has reached 15% (ACTNews)

ACTNews, LEBAK – The Integrated Community Shelter (ICS) construction in Sukarame Village, Sajira Subdistrict, Lebak has recently begun. A few days since its inauguration on Tuesday (3/3), the progress of the construction has reached 15%.

"Our progress has reached 15% and we are still taking care of the construction materials. Until now, the construction workers have been constructing the truss and casting the foundations,"said Dede Abdul Rohman, Coordinator of the ICS Construction.

The construction team, which was previously consisted of only 9 workers, will be added by 7 workers to accelerate the construction of the ICS which will be equipped with various amenities.

The frameworks of the shelters are being constructed. (ACTNews)

"The compound will include with 20 restrooms, warehouses, clinics, public kitchens, and mosques, as well as a playground for children who will inhabit this ICS. Insha Allah, with the addition of seven construction workers, the ICS will be finished earlier," explained Dede. The team is trying to complete the construction of the ICS in approximately 3 to 4 weeks since the groundbreaking ceremony.

Within only two days after its inauguration, the progress of the construction has reached this far. The evacuees who will later live in the ICS are the residents living around Situ Cibodang and residents from Kampung Somang, who were victims of the flash flood in early January.

Hamdani, a resident of Kampung Somang who was present at the event said that around 70 houses were damaged by the flash flood caused by the overflow of the Ciberang River. Water and debris flooded the houses along the riverbanks, making the village no longer suitable to live in. "Somang village is now a disaster-prone zone. The residents must be relocated," he said, Tuesday (3/3).

Sukarame Village Head Asep Sahrudin said, residents living in ICS would be accompanied for economic recovery. The Situ Cibodang that is located close to the ICS will be a water tourism attraction in Lebak. "This location will be developed as a center of water tourism. Residents, especially those living in ICS will be able to independently improve their economic conditions by utilizing the existing local potential, "Asep explained. []