Healing Rahuda’s Lingering Trauma

Healing Rahuda’s Lingering Trauma

ACTNews, CENTRAL BENGKULU - For four days, Rahuda (55) and Yosi (17), residents of Rajek Besi Village, Merigi Sakti, Central Bengkulu, had been trapped by a landslide. Her youngest daughter and she, who stayed in a hut in a coffee plantation, had been trapped by the landslide since Friday (26/4) evening.

Bungkuk Mountain is not too far from the residential areas of Rajek Besi Village. On the slope of the Bungkuk Mountain, villagers’ coffee plantations are located. To fulfill her daily needs, the mother of three works as a coffee farmer. Unfortunately, on Friday evening, a landslide hit and trapped Rahuda and Yosi for three days.

“Rahuda was evacuated by National Search and Rescue Agency on Wednesday (5/1), then during the evacuation, she met the ACT Rescue Team, and the team escorted her to her house,” said the ACT Rescue Coordinator of Bengkulu Flood, Wury Antoro.

When the team visited her on Friday (5/3), Rahuda still look distraught. The Secretary of Rajek Besi Village, Lukman Jaya (32), stated that she is recovering gradually. However, according to Jaya, Rahuda cannot continue to work as a coffee farmer, as her plantation was ravaged by the landslides. “For the time being, Rahuda and the rest of Rajek Besi villagers still depend on humanitarian aid,” said Lukman.

That day, Aksi Cepat Tanggap Medical Team also examined Rahuda’s and Yosi’s physical and mental health. ACT Medical Volunteer, Dr. Aisyah Tanjung, stated that Rahuda’s health was getting better, but Yosi’s health was concerning. “This patient has a congenital cataract, and her feet are bruised and swollen, thankfully, there are no fracture and dislocation,” said Dr. Aisyah. Yosi’s feet injuries were caused when she tried to climb down the mountain with her mother during the landslide. ACT Medical Team wrapped her feet with an elastic bandage to prevent further injury.

Ramadan, the Test of Patience

The Secretary of Rajek Besi Village, Lukman Jaya, stated that the landslide has concerned the villager, especially for Ramadan. In his opinion, the villagers will be dependent on humanitarian aid for the time being, as the landslide destroyed the majority of villagers’ coffee farm--their main source of income. “I believe that during Ramadan most of the villagers will still cleaning up and repairing their houses,” he said.

Heavy rainfall since last Friday has caused several landslides in Rajek Besi Village. The landslide also destroyed roads and bridges. Additionally, up until Tuesday (7/5), a resident of Rajek Besi is still missing. []