Healthcare System in Idlib on the Brink of Collapse as Funding Dwindles

Dozens of hospitals in Syria’s Idlib are in danger of closing due to the funding cut as funding contracts ended, risking millions of people.

llustration. Hospitals in Syria lack operational funds. (Doc. Reuters)

ACTNews, IDLIB – The Idlib Health Directorate (IHD) stated that around 18 hospitals in Idlib are in danger of closing after aid local and international aid organizations have not renewed their aid contracts, putting millions of Syrians at risk.

Dr. Salem Abdan, director of the IHD, said aid agencies have stopped their aid packages which caused the recent shortage of resources.

Fund cuts have forced hospital staff to work without pay with very limited resources. The bed occupation rate has decreased up to less than 20 percent.

The reduction of services has affected medical facilities in Idlib city, Salqin, Harem, Jericho, Atma, and Kelli, affecting around 50,000 people per month.

Departments that are forced to close include internal medicine, child care, gynecological and reproductive health, and ambulance service.

The health care system in Syria has faced years of trials since the conflict in Syria broke out in 2011. According to the Physicians for Human Rights (PHR), at least 350 health facilities were damaged by attacks during the conflict. []