Healthcare Workers Overwhelmed by Rapid Spread of COVID-19

The rapid spread of COVID-19 has overwhelmed the medical workers across the country as the number of patients continues to climb. They continue to struggle amid limitations, and appeal to the public to fully support them.

Due to lack of proper PPE, health workers in Dr. Soesilo Hospital, Slawi, Central Java, had to wear plastic raincoat on Wednesday (3/18). (ANTARA/Oky Lukmansyah)

ACTNews, JAKARTA – The healthcare workers around the world are struggling to deal with COVID-19 outbreak. Until Saturday (3/21) afternoon, 450 confirmed cases have been reported in Indonesia, seeing an increase of 81 cases. As many as 38 people died from COVID-19.

Healthcare workers have been increasingly overwhelmed. However, they continue to strive to treat and cure COVID-19 patients despite limitations. Many even appealed to the community for support. According to Dr. Mohammad Riedha Bambang, ACT’s Corona Crisis Center Coordinator, his fellow physicians are now working harder than usual.

"The medical facilities seem to have passed their threshold. After they (healthcare workers) saw ACT provided assistance to the Cilandak Marine Hospital, South Jakarta, many then asked if there was any more assistance like this for them," said Riedha.

The threshold Dr. Riedha meant is the hospitals’ limit in providing services. Many factors can determine the threshold of these hospitals. "Each hospital has its threshold. This limit can be seen from the capacity of the beds, isolation rooms, human resources, funds, etc.," he explained.

Symbolic handover of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) aid to the Marine Hospital, Cilandak, South Jakarta. (ACTNews)

The rapid spread of COVID-19 also affects the threshold of many hospitals. Many have been overburdened due to the the heavy task of dealing with a virus that emerged in early March in Indonesia.

"They lack Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and also human resources because many medical workers have been sent home as they were placed under observation (ODP). There is also no facilitation from the government for health workers to be examined or screened to find out if they are infected with the Coronavirus. There are also other factors that cause overburden of medical facilities," explained Doctor Riedha.

ACT continues to assist health workers in their fight against the COVID-19 outbreak. In addition to providing food through the Free Food Operation, ACT also provides PPE to hospitals in need.

"We have distributed PPE on Friday (3/20) at the Marine Hospital. The PPE that we provided included masks, nurse caps, antiseptic liquids, latex gloves and liquid soap," said Riedha.

The assistance was received immediately, and the hospital management thanked ACT because, to them, this assistance is like drops of water that quench barren desert. The hospital also hoped that this assistance can continue in the future, as is also hoped by Dr. Riedha

"We hope that this assistance can continue at the Cilandak Marine Hospital and other hospitals. Of course, this aid program cannot continue without the support of all benefactors," said Riedha. []