Helping Mifta, a Teen with Stage Two Bone Cancer

Mifta's medical expenses are covered by BPJS (Social Health Insurance Administration), but Mifta's parents must still bear daily expenses.

ACT Team
ACT Team provides medical assistance, food packages, and vitamins. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, SIDOARJO REGENCY – Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) Sidorjo and KQ5 Steak & Bowl Resto provided assistance for a teenager with stage two bone cancer in Balongbendo, Sidoarjo, East Java. The team directly distributed the assistance on Wednesday (3/9/2022).

Mifta is the 19-year-old teen's name. As the day progressed, her left leg's knee swelled. Mifta's care and treatment are partially covered by Social Health Insurance Administration (BPJS). However, her daily costs are still high.

Suntono, Mifta's father, was grateful and had not expected the ACT Team to come to his house. He stated that the difficult economic conditions made him concerned about paying for his child's medical expenses. "Thank you so much, ACT. I do not know where else I could look for a loan. Mifta will have to visit the Soetomo Hospital next week. May Allah repay the benefactors' kindness," he said, moved.

During the visit, the ACT Team provided medical assistance, food packages, and vitamins. "Hopefully, Mifta will benefit from this assistance, and Allah will grant her a quick recovery," said Abdi Chandra, a member of the ACT Sidoarjo Program team.

Abdi also encourages benefactors to continue assisting other brothers and sisters in need, such as Mifta. "Let us help each other by lightening each other's loads. Hopefully, other people in need will benefit from this kind of help. Generous Friends can also donate through the Indonesia Dermawan page," Abdi explained. []