Her Wares Sold Out within a Night, Turiyah: It Feels Like a Dream

PPKM has declined Turiyah’s income from her Taichan satay business. Sometimes, her satay can only be sold for a few portions and she still has to sell them until past midnight.

Business Capital Assistance.
Every day, Turiyah sells her Taichan satay behind the Shooting Range in Senayan, Central Jakarta. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, CENTRAL JAKARTA – Turiyah was smiling while packing her satay order. That night, she could go back home earlier since Global Zakat-ACT and  Central Jakarta and ZIS Rohis Lintas Arta bought up her entire satay. Turiyah didn’t need to feel the cold night of the quiet Jakarta during the PPKMenforcement.

After packing her Taichan satay order, ACT Team also gave a few more pieces of IDR 50 thousand to assist her business capital. Turiyah was very touched, she then hugged an ACT Team member’s shoulder who bought up her wares.

“It feels like a dream,” said a single mother of five children while crying. She was very grateful for the blessing she received that night through her first buyer that Thursday night (8/12/2021).

Turiyah is one of the traders who sell in the area behind the Shooting Range, Senayan, Central Jakarta. Sate Taichan Mak Iyah is the name of her business. Turiyah's business was once faced an unfortunate event when the signboard that she had made to make her cart visible on the dark side of the road was stolen by a thief.

Handover of business capital assistance to Turiyah. (ACTNews)

Currently, she uses a simple signboard on her cart. "My signboard was stolen. Now I just use the borrowed one, but it's broken. My customers rarely come by because my shop is hardly seen,” said Turiyah.

In her selling area, Turiyah is also the only merchant who has to pay rent. "I also have to pay rent here, IDR 900 thousand per month. Others don't need to pay since they have been selling here since the beginning. I just came here because I was invited by a friend who felt sorry for seeing my difficult life," said Turiyah.

Turiyah admits that the PPKM enforcement has restricted Turiyah’s mobility in earning income. Her income has decreased drastically due to a lack of buyers. Oftentimes, she has to sell until 1 a.m with only a few portions sold. However, she is aware that the policy is enforced for the common good.

Turiyah had thought to look for a loan so that she can keep running her business and earn income. "Alhamdulillah, Allah gives me another solution," she said. Through business capital assistance initiated by Global Zakat-ACT, Turiyah is now receiving capital assistance along with business assistance to develop her business in the future.

“We hope to assist MSME owners affected by the pandemic. Insha Allah, we can intensify this program, and the benefactors can take part through  Indonesia Dermawan website or Bank transfer to ACT Central Jakarta account,  Bank Syariah Indonesia 7148 457 535,” said Fuad Mursidi from ACT Central Jakarta Program Team.

That night, Turiyah went home before midnight after her satay were bought up by Global Zakat-ACT. The food was then also distributed to other people who were still working that night.[]