Here are Urgent Needs of Mount Semeru Survivors

Again, Mount Semeru has emitted hot clouds and caused its surrounding residents to evacuate to safer places. Currently, a number of urgent needs are highly needed by the evacuees.

Mount Semeru survivors' urgent needs.
A house near Mount Semeru is buried in volcanic ashes. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, LUMAJANG – After the eruption of Mount Semeru, located in the Lumajang area, East Java, on Saturday (4/12/2021), local residents who were affected desperately needed humanitarian assistance. They are currently still surviving in refugee camps scattered at several points after the highest mountain in Java spewed hot clouds back on Monday (12/6/2021) at around 09.00 Western Indonesian Time.

Kusmayadi from ACT’s Emergency Response Team said the urgent needs that are urgently needed by the evacuees are including ready-to-eat food and water. The unfavorable situation has caused the survivors unable to independently prepare their consumption needs.

“The consumption needs are also including needs for infants. The mothers are in need of food, milk, and diapers since they couldn’t save their infants’ equipment,” said Kusmayadi.

According to Kusmayadi, other necessities including tarpaulin, mats, and blankets are also highly needed by the evacuees since currently, many of them still haven’t got adequate evacuation posts. The residents have no choice but to sleep in simple places with the cold night breeze and volcanic ashes.

“The evacuees also require sanitary pads, vitamins, and masks as the air is still covered in volcanic ashes. It is quite dangerous if the air is continuously inhaled by the survivors,” Kusmayadi explained.

The previous eruption of Mount Semeru has killed 14 people while dozens of others were seriously injured. In addition, 2,970 houses were damaged, affecting 10 sub-districts in two regencies including Malang and Lumajang. The disaster has caused at least 5,700 residents to evacuate.

“ACT Team and other volunteers have arrived at the location and provided emergency and humanitarian aid to the survivors. They have also built several disaster relief posts. The main post is located in Jalan Raya Dampit-Lumajang, Central Sumberwuluh, Candipuro, Lumajang regency,” Kusmayadi concluded.[]