Herlina Struggles to Keep Business Running for Daily Needs

In the midst of the pandemic, Herlina Pane works hard to keep her business afloat as it is her only source of income to make ends meet.

herlina pane
Global Wakaf – ACT visits Herlina to hand over assistance from Waqf for MSMEs. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, JAMBI – Herlina Pane sells coconut drink and breakfast items every day on Jalan Sari Bhakti, Bagan Pete Village, Alam Barajo District, Jambi City. Her business has been struggling to survive amidst the tempest of the pandemic. It is her only source of income.

“There have been only a few buyers, hence my income drops significantly. Before the pandemic, I was able to earn up to IDR 250,000 a day. Now, I earn only IDR 50,000 a day, sometimes less. I try to keep this business running so I will have money for food even just a little,” she said.

Because many of her customers have lost their jobs, they don’t have much money for snacks.

“I can't do much. The prices of young coconuts and raw ingredients for the snacks that I sell have increased. I really hope that they can return to normal so I won’t have to increase the selling prices of my food,” said Herlina, a mother of two.

To strengthen Herlina's business, Global Wakaf-ACT through the Waqf for MSME Capital program gave capital assistance, Thursday (10/21/2021). Through this program, Global Wakaf-ACT wants MSMEs to develop and support the nation's economic revival. []