Herman Plans to Develop His Business with New Waqf Cart

Herman’s fruit juice business was affected by the pandemic. Therefore, he plans to develop his business by selling mixed rice as well. However, his plan was hindered by the lack of business capital.

Apart from supporting his family, Herman (middle) now has to support the medical treatment of his sick parents. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, JOMBANG – Herman (38) can finally make his wish to sell mixed rice come true. Herman always wanted to have a cart that is large enough for his business but was constrained by capital. Herman's wish was finally realized when Global Wakaf-ACT delivered one unit of Waqf Cart to Herman through Productive Business Waqf program.

Previously, Herman was a juice seller in Plandi Village, Jombang District, Jombang Regency. However, Herman's juice business was affected by the pandemic and his sales were drastically decreased.

Per day, he earns a net profit of approximately IDR 30,000 to 50,000. "Currently, I have to support two children, a wife, and my parents who are sick," said Herman, Thursday (10/7/2021).

Herman really requires more income to meet his needs to the point he had to work extra hard. “I had to peddle to schools and stores that are still open. Sometimes, I couldn’t sell it out and just gave it away to people on the street side,” said Herman.

As a result, Herman thought of adding up mixed rice to his merchandise. Herman was grateful and hopes that the Waqf Cart assistance from Productive Business Waqf program can support his business so that it can grow even more.

“Hopefully with Waqf Cart assistance, I can sell comfortably and increase my income to support and help my parents. Hopefully, the donors who have donated their sustenance to me will be given health and blessings by Allah," hoped Herman. []