High Rainfall Triggers Floods in Paser

High-intensity rain that flushed Long Kali, Paser triggered flooding. Thousands of people had to evacuate and needed urgent assistance.

flood in Long Kali
A photo depicts the extent of the flood impact in Long Kali, Paser. (ACTNews/Afif Karomi)

ACTNews, PASER – Heavy rains that hit Paser Regency in the last few days have triggered the overflow of the Telake River, which has resulted in flooding in several areas. Based on a report from the Paser Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) on Tuesday (10/5/2021), the overflowing river water submerged at least three villages in Long Kali District: Kepala Telake, Muara Lambakan, and Perkuin Village. Thousands of people had to flee to a safer place.

On Wednesday (10/6/2021), flooding had paralyzed the activities of residents in 13 hamlets and one village. The water up to two meters covered the access road. Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) team and the joint team also tried to evacuate residents while urging residents to stay alert.

Thursday (10/7/2021), the flood continued to spread. One of the focuses of flood management from ACT team was in Long Kali Village and other villages whose access was still unable to reach due to the high water flow. The team took the residents to a safer place by boats and other rescue tools.

“Emergency Command Posts have now been established at Long Kali District Office, Long Kali District, Paser Regency, Jalan Penajam-Kuaro. The flood was quite severe. At this time, assistance such as ready-to-eat meals, blankets, medicines, and others are still very urgent to be fulfilled,” explained Dimas Bayu Prasetyo, Head of Volunteer-ACT East Kalimantan.

Dimas also asks residents to remain alert to the possibility of worsening flooding because it is still raining. 

The Meteorology, Climatology, and Geophysics Agency predicts in the next week, cloudy conditions to light rain will potentially occur in Paser, especially Long Kali. This weather needs to be watched out for by people who live or will come to the area.[]