Hijabers Mom Community Kediri Cares for Palestine

The prolonged humanitarian conflict in Palestine needs more attention from various parties. One of them came from the Hijabers Mom Community, Kediri.

The ACT team introduces various humanitarian programs in Kediri. (ACTNews)
The ACT team introduces various humanitarian programs in Kediri. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, KEDIRI – The issue of Palestinian liberation and independence is not only a concern for some people but all parties. Among the communities who show their care and concern for Palestine is the Hijabers Mom Community (HMC) in Kediri who held fundraising as their form of support.

In collaboration with Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) Kediri, the HMC held an event entitled “Solidarity for Humanity of the Islamic World” at Depot 22, Kediri, Saturday (5/1/2021). The event that also included iftar dinner was supported by Wardah, Emina, and Arofahmina. ACT Kediri introduced various national and global programs, including programs for Palestine.

"The vision carried by HMC is to be the best human being who can benefit others, by prioritizing togetherness and mutual respect for differences to realize Islam as rahmatan lil alamin (a mercy for all creations)," said Dian, the Chairman of HMC Kediri.

Concern for Palestine.

Since several years ago, ACT has carried out various programs for Palestine with alms donated by the Indonesian people. ACT has provided food aid, housing, wells, medical clinics and humanitarian vehicles in Palestine. Humanitarian actions are also carried out regularly through the ACT Gaza Branch office.

"These efforts will continue to be done. The support from the Indonesian people has had a huge impact on the continuity of the Palestinians' struggle," said the Branch Manager of ACT Kediri Mohammad Iwan Kurnia. []