Historic Mosque of Nurul Iman Completed Renovation

Nurul Iman Mosque is the first and historic Mosque in Ringinsari. The renovation of the mosque has completed. The mosque has been officially opened for the residents.

Nurul Iman Mosque
Village Head of Ringinsari and ACT Malang team attend the inauguration of Nurul Iman Mosque (ACTNews/Saiful Anam)

ACTNews, MALANG REGENCY – The renovation of Nurul Iman Mosque has been completed. Nurul Iman Mosque is a historic mosque for the people of Ringinsari Village, Subermanjing Wetan District, Malang Regency. Nurul Iman Mosque is the first mosque to be built in Riginsari Village that served as a hiding place for residents during the age of colonization.

Branch Manager of ACT Malang Iqrok Wahyu Perdana said Nurul Iman Mosque was in poor condition. The previous caretaker tried to renovate this mosque but he passed away before the renovation is complete. The mosque is then cared for by his descendant: Sagiran (80) and his wife Tianah (78).

“The renovation of the historic mosque of Nurul Iman in Ringinsari is part of ACT's Mobile Social Rescue (MSR) program. It is hoped that after the renovation, this mosque will bring pride and be enlivened with Islamoc activities," said Iqrak, Saturday (7/10/2021).

ACT Malang also inaugurated houses owned by Muslim women in Gedangan Village, Gedangan District, Malang Regency. Through MSR program, at least five houses that were in poor condition have been repaired and handed over to their respective owners.

Sagiran, who is currently taking care of Nurul Iman Mosque, said that his late grandfather's will was to make sure the mosque will never be empty of religious activities. For this reason, he and his wife continue to take care of Nurul Iman Mosque even though it is in poor condition. "This mosque should not be devoid of religious activities," he said.

The condition of Nurul Iman Mosque before renovation. (ACTNews)

Slamet Winari, Head of Ringinsari Village, thanked and supported ACT's programs in his area. He hoped that the community would also support ACT's programs so that these programs could expand throughout Southern Malang.

“I have known ACT for a long time. We are all familiar with ACT. On behalf of the people of Ringinsari, I would like to say thanks for lightening our burden here. Thank you for renovating Nurul Iman Mosque and residential houses in Malang," he said.[]