HMS Holds Nutrition Operations in Makassar to Support Stunting Prevention

Stunting in children is a problem that must be addressed together. HMS-ACT held a nutrition operation in Makassar to help prevent stunting.

OGAI program
In Makassar, students participate in the OGAI program. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, MAKASSAR – Nutritional issues, both acute and chronic, are still prevalent among children under five in Indonesia. Stunting based on age is one symptom of a child's failure to thrive due to a lack of nutrients.

To address these nutritional issues, the government is stepping up its efforts, including a program to improve nutritional intake for toddlers and pregnant women. ACT's Humanity Medical Services (HMS) continues to extend the Indonesian Child Nutrition Operation (OGAI) program in various Indonesian regions to support stunting prevention initiatives.

OGAI targeted students at Gemilang Hafiz Hafizah Gemilang Hifz School (RTG) in Sudiang Raya Village, Biringkanaya District, Makassar City, on Friday (4/22/2022). The kids were excited about taking part in this OGAI activity.

According to Firman of the Makassar ACT team, during the OGAI activity at the Hafiz Hafizah RTG, the students who were children were taught the necessity of a well-balanced diet. As a result, their eventual growth is normal and not stunted.

"The activities are designed to make children realize the necessity of a well-balanced diet. They must enjoy eating veggies, fruits, and protein to be healthy and grow normally," Firman stated on Saturday (4/23/2022).

Firman continued that 150 students attended this OGAI activity. The students were enthusiastic about participating in the OGAI activities until they finished.

"The enthusiasm of the students is very high. It is proven that they focus on listening and following the directions of the volunteer brothers and sisters regarding the importance of nutrition. The event was then closed by drinking milk together," he explained. []