Honorary Teacher Badriah Fights to Fulfill Family’s Needs During COVID-19 Pandemic

Badriah has been teaching for seven years. From Monday to Friday, she works at in Islamic elementary school. Her income is uncertain depending on the number of attendance and teaching hours.

Badriah (right) talks with Global Zakat-ACT Subang. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, SUBANG – During the COVID-19 pandemic, many have to struggle to stay alive, either by keeping themselves healthy or by working hard to provide for their family. For Badriah, an honorary teacher at SDIT Miftahul Ulum in Subang, her struggle is the latter.

Before the pandemic, her husband and she woke up every day at 2 a.m. every day to make snacks that were sold at the canteen of a state junior high school in Subang. Sadly, after schools were closed due to the pandemic, Badriah’s husband has to find other ways to make a living, from working as a construction worker to a street peddler.

"My husband does this so that we can have food and data plan for my children’s study,” said Badriah when met by the Global Zakat-ACT team, Tuesday (8/31/2021).

Badriah has been working as a teacher for seven years. From Monday to Friday, she teaches at an Islamic school in Subang. Badriah’s monthly income is uncertain depending on attendance and teaching hours.

Now, Badriah opens a private tutoring service for IDR 30,000 a session. "My private tutoring opens every Monday to Friday after school hours and on weekends," he said.

To make an additional income, Badriah has also been selling frozen processed foods such as sausages, chicken nuggets, and meatballs online. She makes a profit of IDR 3,000 to 5,000 for each package.

"Although the profit is not much, Alhamdulillah, I still have some customers. The problem is that, as a reseller, I can’t sell my frozen foods for higher prices because I might lose my customers,” she explained. []