Honorary Teacher in Cilegon Lives in Former School Warehouse

Siti Nurhayati, an honorary teacher in Cilegon, currently lives in a former school warehouse. Her desire to change her status to become a PPPK teacher failed after she did not pass the test.

Siti Nurhayati
Siti Nurhayati receives financial assistance from Global Zakat-ACT. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, CILEGON –  For 18 years, Siti Nurhayati (46) has worked as an honorary teacher at an elementary school in Gunungsugih, Ciwandan District, Cilegon City. Nur has to accept the fact that she is still an honorary teacher until next year.

The dream of becoming a civil servant has been dashed due to age. The status of being a government employee teacher with an employment agreement (PPPK) also failed, after failing to pass the test. Nur still has two opportunities to participate in the PPPK selection in the following years.

The salary as an honorary teacher is currently IDR 500 thousand per month with a four-month cycled payment and an additional IDR 350 thousand from the local government.

“My husband works as a school guard with a salary of IDR 500 thousand per month. Our income is used to pay tuition fees, electricity, and daily food needs,” said the mother of two when met by ACT Cilegon team, Thursday (9/16/2021).

Nur and her family currently live in the former warehouse of the school where she teaches. Her desire to have a house had to be restrained due to economic conditions. "I want to have a house that is close to the school, so I don't go far," she said.

Dimas Maulana Putra from ACT Cilegon team says that many honorary teachers have experienced the same fate. Their desire to become PPPK teachers was hampered. "Even though their dedication as educators is unquestionable," said Dimas after providing financial assistance to Siti Nurhayati.[]