Honorary Teachers in Bogor Live in Financial Hardship

The honorary teachers in Bogor are living in financial difficulties. They have to get into debts because their salary is paid irregularly.

honorary teachers
Nurifatul teaches in class. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, BOGOR REGENCY – The COVID-19 pandemic is a tough ordeal for honorary elementary school teachers in Pasir Angsana Bogor Regency. They receive their payment every four months. Not only that, their side-hustles have also been closed.

One of the honorary teachers, Samuji (38), said he had been an honorary teacher for ten years. He must bury his dream of becoming a Civil Servant (PNS) due to age restrictions. Though his income as an honorary teacher is small, he never stops teaching.

“Due to the pandemic, our salaries are paid every four months. Our monthly salary is IDR 500 thousand. I use the money to support my wife and three children. This is my risk as an honorary teacher. I have to think hard so that we can eat every day and my children can go to school. I have to also buy internet quota for me to teach online,” said Samuji, Monday (8/2/2021).

A similar condition was also experienced by another honorary teacher Nurifatul. Nurifatul has to go into debt to the shop in order to eat. Nurifatul's husband works as an online motorcycle taxi driver with uncertain income.

“Now, we fulfill our needs from my salary as an honorary teacher that is not paid on time. I often get embarrassed because I have to get into debts to a nearby shop if I have no rice at home. I pay the debts in three or four months. What else can we do? I can only pray that Allah will give my husband a job,” said Nurifatul.

Seeing this condition, Global Zakat-ACT provided financial assistance and food packages from generous donors, Monday (8/2/2021). The honorary teachers are grateful for the assistance. []