Honorary Teachers in Purworejo Earn Less Than IDR 1 Million

The appreciation of honorary teachers in Purworejo is not much. Many honorary teachers are forced to find a side business to make ends meet.

Novita Murdiyanti
Illustration. One of the honorary teachers, Novita Murdiyanti (right), shows her woven basket to ACT Purworejo team. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, PURWOREJO – The salaries of honorary teachers in each region are different, even in one area. In Purworejo, the salary of honorary teachers differs from one another.

Nurwindah, an honorary teacher at one of the schools in Kebon Gunung, Loano District, Purworejo Regency, has been teaching for seven years. She receives a salary of IDR 700 thousand per month. To increase her income, Nurwindah opens private tutoring services. "I have to find extra money because of the large family needs,” he said, Monday (9/20/2021).

Similar to Nurwindah, Sunarsih and Heru Pramono also receive a salary of IDR 700 thousand per month. To increase her income, Sunarsih makes besek (a traditional container made of bamboo) to sell. Meanwhile, Heru Pramono makes and sells handicrafts in the form of pipe lamps.

Unlike the three, an honorary teacher from one of the schools in Tridadi Village, Loano District, Novita Murdiyanti, receives a lower salary of IDR 650 thousand. Novi becomes a basket weaving worker from banana stems to cover the lack of expenses for her family's needs.

“I earn IDR 8,000 per basket. It took me two days to finish one basket,” said Novi when met by ACT Purworejo team, Monday (9/20/2021).

Another honorary teacher, Dwi Yana Setiyasih, who has been a teacher for seven years, receives a salary of IDR 600 thousand per month. In 2015, Dwi's husband had an accident that required surgery for IDR 70 million. "I borrowed money to cover my husband's medical expenses, and it still hasn't been paid off,” explained a mother of one child.

Heru Pramono makes handicrafts for pipe lamp decoration. (ACTNews)

Waty Dahliyani, an honorary teacher in one school in Banyuasin Kembaran Village, Loano District, experienced a similar condition. Waty, who has served for ten years, receives IDR 650 thousand per month. Waty's husband is a tourist bus driver who has been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and the activity restriction policy.

“During the Emergency PPKM, my husband did not work. He did not get the driver's operating hours because there were no customers. We decided to open angkringan (a hawker stall) to earn extra money,” she said.

Atikah Rohmah, an honorary teacher from one school in Tridadi Village, receives a lower salary IDR 500 thousand per month. Atikah helps her husband sell brown sugar to increase her income.

Anik Nur Hidayati from ACT Purworejo team explains that the salary of honorary teachers in Purworejo is small and below District Minimum Wage (UMK) in Purworejo 2021, which is IDR 1,905,400, so they have to look for other income. "To ease the burden on the teachers, Global Zakat-ACT provided financial assistance," she concluded.[]