Honorary Teachers Take Arduous Journey to Work

Many honorary teachers in Indonesia have to take an arduous journey to their workplace. They often have to go through dirt roads that become muddy and slippery when it rains and full of dust during the dry season.

difficult road
Illustration. A dirt road through which the honorary teachers must go. (ACTNews/Reza Mardhani)

ACTNews, PURWOREJO – Many honorary teachers in Indonesia have to deal with a lot of hardship caused by development disparities in Indonesia, from inadequate salaries to difficult access to their workplace,  

Iksan Saadullah, an honorary teacher at an elementary school in Maron Village, Loano District, Purworejo Regency, travels 22 kilometers every day for work. He spends 40 minutes every day by motorcycle to get to work.

“I travel 44 kilometers every day to and from work. With a monthly salary of IDR 600,000, I spend IDR 15,000 every day on gas alone," said Iksan when ACT Purworejo met him at his house in Bagelen District of Purworejo, Sunday (9/26/2021).

Another honorary teacher, Bayu Prihandono also has to take a long journey to work. From 2009 to 2015, Bayu taught at Tepansari Elementary School. During this period, he had to travel through a dirt road that gets slippery when it rains and dusty during the dry season.

“Now, I teach at Rimun Elementary School which is about 7.7 kilometers from my house in Mudalrejo Village, but the road is better,” said Bayu. He receives a monthly salary or IDR 900,000. IDR 200,000 from the school and IDR 700,000 from the School Development Fund.

A similar difficulty is also faced by Yusup Hidayat, an honorary teacher at a school in Tegaldatar Village, Maniis District, Purwakarta Regency. The distance from his house to the school where he works is only three kilometers. However, his commute to work is not easy because the access to the school is only a dirt road.

“If it rains, I have to be careful, because it is slippery. I slipped once, but I was okay," said Yusup to ACT Purwakarta.

Another honorary teacher, Siti Nurjanah, has to travel 41 kilometers to work in Cinangka, Bungursari District, Purwakarta Regency. Siti has been doing this for 16 years. "After the fajr prayer, I have to go to work so I won’t be late," she said. []