How Do We Pay Zakat on Grocery Shop?

Grocery shops and stores are very common in Indonesia. As a source of income, how much should we pay for the zakat on grocery shop? Ustaz Bobby Herwibowo gives us the formula to calculate the zakat.

zakat on shop
Illustration. If the assets of a shop have exceeded the nisab of 85 grams of gold and one lunar year has passed, 2.5 percent of them must be given for zakat. (ACTNews/Reza Mardhani)

ACTNews, JAKARTA – Grocery shops, stores, and wholesalers are forms of business that are quite common in Indonesian society. Because they are sources of income, are grocery shops and stores subject to zakat?

The answer is yes, according to Ustaz Bobby Herwibowo. He explained that grocery shops are subject to zakat. "It is known as tijarah (trade) and uruud at tijarah (goods for sale) which are objects of zakat," said Ustaz Bobby on Monday (4/4/2022).

If the current assets of a shop have reached the nisab of 85 grams of gold, and one lunar year has passed, then 2.5% of them must be given for zakat. The objects of zakat are cash, balances, stocks, and current accounts receivable.

“In short, to calculate your zakat, subtract your current liabilities such as overheads, operating costs, and maturing debts from your current assets, and multiply the result by 2.5%. If the amount reaches the value of 85 grams of gold, then you must pay the zakat on these assets every year,” said Ustaz Bobby.

If you are worried that you will forget to pay your zakat, you can deduce 2.5 percent from each transaction. “If the total amount that you have deduced from each transaction exceeds the value of your nisab, consider the excess voluntary alms. If it does not reach the nisab, fulfill it,” concluded Ustaz Bobby. []