How Does ACT’s Humanitarian Aid Get to Palestine?

Assisting Palestine indeed requires hard work and sacrifice. In West Bank, including Jerusalem, Israeli armed forces tend to interfere the aid convoy that is about to be distributed to the Palestinians. Meanwhile in Gaza, the massive aid entrance very much relies on the Egypt border in Rafah.

Palestine recovery.
Trucks carry tons of food aid from Generous Benefactors through Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACTNews)

ACTNews, GAZA – Sending humanitarian aid to a colonized country is full of challenges as said by Said Mukaffiy from ACT’s Global Humanity Response team while explaining the aid delivery process to Palestine.

Mukaffiy explains that after 16 years of working experience in the humanitarian sector, ACT already has its own scheme to deliver aid directly to the Palestinians. He states that delivering aid to West Bank or Jerusalem area requires more effort since the area is occupied by many Israeli zionists.

“Israel has control over many sectors of the West Bank including home taxation, banking, and many more. Therefore, the alms and aid that are about to be delivered via WU (Western Union) to Palestine are also addressed to Israel as the written destination country,” Mukaffiy explained.

Alms that reach Palestine will be managed by the ACT Palestine team to be allocated to various humanitarian programs according to the needs of the Palestinians. In managing the logistics aid, the ACT team also involves and empowers the local Palestinians.

For example, to distribute food aid to the underprivileged Gazans, ACT team will purchase the food materials from local grocery shops in Gaza. it is done to enliven the economic activity especially the food sector in Gaza.

Repression from Israeli armed forces

In the latest Israeli aggression on Gaza last May, ACT always tried to be at the forefront in sending aid to the Palestinians. Mukaffiy explained that there was a day when the ACT team was in danger as an Israeli missile nearly hit them when they were about to go to aid distribution location on Al Nasser Street, North Al Remal, Gaza.

"When the team was about to go to the school building where the Gazans were taking refuge, suddenly a missile from an Israeli warplane fell near the team's location. Alhamdulillah, the team survived and was not injured. Thick smoke from the missile explosion billowed in the air. Although feeling anxious, ACT team remained determined to distribute the meals to around 900 Gazans who were waiting for the aid’s arrival," said Mukaffiy.