How to Access Food Careline Services for Tasikmalaya Residents

ACT’s Food Careline Services has been launched in Tasikmalaya. The residents can access the service by calling ACT Tasikmalaya to the four available WhatsApp numbers.

Food Careline Services.
A resident of Tasikmalaya receives s food package from FCS. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, TASIKMALAYA – Entering August 2021, the pandemic is still yet to end. It has been almost two years since the pandemic hit the country which has severely affected many sectors of life. It causes many difficulties to people with the lower-middle economy even to meet their food needs.

Responding to the difficult situations, ACT tries to assist through various programs such as by launching Food Careline Services on Friday (8/6/2021). The food fulfillment service continues to be carried out until now by targeting impoverished people and self-isolating residents.

Tasikmalaya residents have warmly welcomed the Food Careline Services. Within four days since it was launched, there were hundreds of incoming calls requesting food aid. "We will follow up the incoming reports from the community through a verification process so that the aid is distributed right on target. After that, the food aid will be delivered directly to the recipient’s house," explained Fauzi Ridwan from ACT Tasikmalaya Program team.

Tasikmalaya residents can access the service by dialing the four available WhatsApp numbers; 62823-1980-3227, 62821-2661-9395, 62813-8931-6539, and 62895-3996-48129. Through the WhatsApp message, residents can send in the format "#LaporMin!" then complete the required administrative data. Residents of Tasikmalaya can report the food need for themselves, neighbors, or even relatives. Later, food packages will be delivered directly to the recipient’s house.[]