Humanitarian Collaboration Between A-PAD and ACT for Central Sulawesi Disaster Survivors

Asia Pacific Alliance for Disaster Management collaborated with Aksi Cepat Tanggap to restore the spirit of the disaster survivors, starting with the construction of the ICS complex in Mpanau.

ACT's Integrated Community Shelter (ICS) complex in Mpanau Village of Sigi Regency. As many as 71 shelters were built as a result of collaboration between ACT and A-PAD Korea.

ACTNews, SIGI - A total of 71 families of Palu disaster survivors in Hamlet IV, Mpanau Village, Biromaru Subdistrict, Sigi, Central Sulawesi now live in better days as they now reside in the Integrated Community Shelter (ICS) complex that was built by Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) in collaboration with the Asia Pacific Alliance for Disaster Management (A-PAD). The construction of the complex, which began construction on January 25, was directly monitored by A-PAD Korea. The ICS which is the manifestation of generosity from the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) and the Community Chest of Korea (CCK) was launched last Tuesday (9/24).

Amir Firdausi from the Global Philanthropy Network (GPN) – ACT team said, the collaboration between ACT and APAD in building shelters was initiated because both ACT and A-PAD share the same vision. A-PAD is an international organization that also focuses on disaster management. "A-PAD is a global organization that focuses on disaster management, both during emergency response and recovery phases," Amir said, Monday (30/9).

This mutual vision was immediately implemented into the construction of an Integrated Community Shelter complex. According to Amir, the Biromaru area was chosen because there are still many disaster survivors who do not yet have proper housing. "Many people live in difficult economic conditions. Their only treasure, which is their respective houses, was ruined when the earthquake shook. We listen to the input from the community that there is still a lot of people who need shelter, "Amir explained. The choosing of the ICS location was the result of coordination between the local government of Sigi and ACT Central Sulawesi.

In addition to housing aid, Amir said, A-PAD also provided several kinds of aid during the emergency response phase such as the provision of hygiene kits and basic supplies to disaster survivors. Amir said ACT and A-PAD continue to work to provide the best assistance for disaster victims in Palu.

APAD International Chairman Faisal Djalal (orange hat), APAD Indonesia Treasurer Sinta Kaniawati, Mpanau Village Chief Muhammad Rifgal, Biromaru Subdistrict Head Ruslan, APAD Indonesia Executive Iman Firmansyah, Global Philanthropy Network -  ACT member Amir Firdausi taking pictures with ICS Mpanau residents after the launching of ICS complex in Mpanau Subdistrict Tuesday (9/24). (ACTNews)

A-PAD Korea Field Officer Heechul Park said, the assistance for disaster survivors in Mpanau Village, Sigi was not only limited to shelters, but also other supporting facilities. "We are thinking of adding a fan to each unit. We will also plant trees and make parks in the complex, "explained Heechul. He also said A-PAD launched a community empowerment program for disaster survivors in Sigi.

A-PAD has also collaborated several times with ACT in handling natural disasters in Indonesia, such as the Lombok earthquake and the Sunda Strait tsunami. A-PAD also conducts educational activities related to disaster mitigation in some schools throughout Indonesia. []