Humanitarian Ship Delivers Thousands of Tons of Aid to West Sulawesi

The sailing of the Humanitarian Ship to the West Sulawesi is a manifestation of the great collaboration of generosity of the Indonesian people in an effort to Act Together to Save the Nation.

The Humanitarian Ship is ready to sail to deliver 1,000 tons of aid from the Indonesian people for disaster-affected residents in West Sulawesi. The ship departs from Sunda Kelapa Port, Jakarta, Wednesday (1/27/2021). (ACTNews / Gina Mardani)

ACTNews, JAKARTA – As Indonesia is still struggling with the pandemic, it has also been facing series of natural disasters in early 2021. One of them is the magnitude 6.2 earthquake that rocked West Sulawesi in mid-January. To assist the earthquake victims that are still in need of food and other basic supplies, Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) sailed Humanitarian Ships to Mamuju, West Sulawesi.

A Humanitarian Ship for West Sulawesi departed from Sunda Kelapa Port, Jakarta on Wednesday (1/27/2021), carrying 1,000 tons of food and other kinds of aid. The departure ceremony of the Humanitarian Ship was attended by the Chairman of ACT’s Supervisory Board Ahyudin, ACT President Ibnu Khajar, Deputy Governor of DKI Jakarta for Culture and Tourism, Dadang Solihin.

Ahyudin, as Chairman of ACT’s Supervisory Board expressed his optimism about all the people who have contributed to helping others as proof of the nation's care and generosity. "The root of the pandemic does not only lead to the economic recession, but also various social and psychological impacts. Today, we are facing various natural disasters. We should face it with a sincere heart, positive thoughts that Allah is the Almighty and Most Powerful. Allah chooses this nation to be tested with various disasters so that it does not become a pessimistic nation, but an optimistic nation," he said.

Thousands of tons of food basic supplies delivered by the Humanitarian Ship were collected from the public for fellow Indonesians affected by disasters. The the Humanitarian Ship for the West Sulawesi is a manifestation of the great collaboration of generosity among Indonesians through the movement of Act Together to Save the Nation.

"Let us come up with positive things for the greatness of this nation. The series of disasters that hit this nation have slowly transformed Indonesia into a great, strong, humanitarian nation that cares not only for their fellow countrymen but also people of other nations. This year alone, around 4,000 tons of aid have been collected from various elements of the nation, donated by 76,000 generous Indonesian people. From this, we see that the kindness and concerns of the people of this nation are getting more massive. Its generosity, mutual cooperation and sensitivity are unmatched in the world. Insha Allah, we can become a nation that leads world civilization and become the best nation in terms of its involvement in humanitarianism," said Ahyudin gratefully.

President of the Global Islamic Philanthropy and Chairman of Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT)’s Supervisory Board Ahyudin (left) and the Deputy Governor of Jakarta Province for Culture and Tourism Dadang Solihin (right) sounded the sirens as a symbol of the departure of the Humanitarian Ship from Sunda Kelapa Port for Mamuju Port, Wednesday (1/27/2021)

ACT always involves all elements of society in its programs, from individuals, communities, public figures, government, companies, Muslim scholars, and various other groups to collaborate with each other by mustering the generosity of the whole nation. The strength of the nation and the state, of course, is always supported by two main pillars: a sovereign society and a strong government.

ACT President Ibnu Khajar added that thousands of tons of aid transported by Humanitarian Ships were collected from the residents in West Java, Banten, and Greater Jakarta Area. "Hopefully, this assistance will be a way to ensure that the disaster victims in West Sulawesi will get the attention and assistance they need from fellow Indonesians attention and assistance from all Indonesian people. There will be 81 posts that will store thousands of this aid and more than 400 volunteers who are ready to help distribute the aid in West Sulawesi, "concluded Ibnu enthusiastically.

Dadang Solihin as Deputy Governor of DKI Jakarta for Culture and Tourism also appreciated the sailing of the Humanitarian Ship. "Our very high appreciation needs to be conveyed to Aksi Cepat Tanggap, who is always at the forefront of every disaster response action, which is in the form of a Humanitarian Ship this time to send thousands of tons of basic supplies to disaster victims in West Sulawesi. We also invite all people and enterprises to lend their helping hands to our brothers and sisters in West Sulawesi and other disaster-hit areas throughout Indonesia. This is the time for us to help each other regardless of race, religion or ethnicity. Don't be silent. Let's help one another, ”asked Dadang.

Dadang, on behalf of the Jakarta Provincial Government admitted that he was proud of ACT's work, with experience in managing resources and aid distribution for the poor and disaster-hit communities both in Indonesia and overseas. Therefore, he was confident that the Humanitarian Ship will be successful and benefit the community in the disaster-affected areas.

ACT will also immediately send a Humanitarian Ship to South Kalimantan which will bring 1,000 tons of food aid and other basic supplies.  In addition, ACT also prepares its volunteers to assist the earthquake victims. There are emergency response volunteers, relief volunteers who take care of the aid distribution, and psychosocial assistance volunteers that consist of psychologists and preachers that provide spiritual support.

In previous years, as one of ACT's flagship programs, the Humanitarian Ship has sent assistance to residents affected by the Lombok earthquake, natural disasters in Central Sulawesi, hunger in Papua, as well as to deliver aid to Somalia, Bangladesh for the Rohingyas, and to Palestine. []