Humanity Cards Bring Food to 200 Palestinian Families

Humanity Cards Bring Food to 200 Palestinian Families

ACTNews, GAZA – Living in the midst of conflict is never easy. For the people of Gaza, they believe that one day a better day will come. Such belief has kept their spirit burning. In December 2018, one of these days finally came.

Last December, a number of Gazans received aid packages through the Humanity Card (HC) program initiated by Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT). With these cards, they were able to get basic supplies such as eggs, flour, cooking oil, baby food and milk.

In one morning, a number of Gazans were seen queuing in front of a convenient store in Gaza. A number of ACT volunteers listed the beneficiaries and distributed the cards. After obtaining the cards, Fatima (not her real name), one of the beneficiaries, quickly went to the groceries section. She pushed her trolley to the flour shelves and put several sacks of flour on it. She also took a bottle of cooking oil and other items.

“We thank ACT for the food aid. We hope that the aid distribution will continue, and we pray that the donors will always be blessed with health and prosperity,” said Fatima.

Another beneficiary was Ahmad (not his real name). The father of eight was extremely thankful for the aid that he received. “It has been extremely helpful for us. May Allah reward your kindness,” said Ahmad.

Humanity Card is one of ACT’s programs to alleviate the suffering of the Palestinians living under oppression funded by the generosity of the Indonesian people. “The Humanity Cards are designated for poor families, orphans, and families whose head are sick. This time, 200 families in Gaza receive the aid,” explained Andi Noor Faradiba of Global Humanity Response (GHR) – ACT, Wednesday (2/13). She added that the Humanity Card program is essential because it help the Palestinians in Gaza and Jerusalem to survive.

The unending conflict in Palestine has led to tremendous crises, from food scarcity, water crisis and energy crisis. The blockade imposed upon Gaza has caused the economy in the region to collapse. Unemployment soars, and many people lost their family members due to excessive force used by Israel in dealing with Great Return March protesters. []



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