Humanity Care Line Continues to Deliver Waqf Rice

The Waqf Rice delivery or Humanity Care Line from Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) continues spreading kindness. Without holidays, this service continues to receive calls for Waqf rice requests from underprivileged communities who have difficulty meeting their food needs.

Humanity Care Line
One of the underprivileged people receives rice from the Humanity Care Line service. (ACTNews/Rizki Febianto)

ACTNews, JAKARTA – Humanity Care Line continues spreading kindness. Without a break, this service continues to receive calls for rice requests from underprivileged communities that have difficulty meeting their food needs. Humanity Bikers, the free rice delivery vehicles, are the same, every day carrying rice on their motorbikes, and delivering them to beneficiaries who previously contacted this toll-free call.

Janis (54) is one of the beneficiaries. She received Waqf rice after one of her neighbors helped call the Humanity Care Line for her. She is living alone in a rented house measuring only 3by3 meters. Hence, Janis' neighbors help her to call the Humanity Care Line.

Janis is a Quran teacher in Johar Baru, Central Jakarta. Her husband, who had long passed away, made her have to survive alone in the harsh city of Jakarta. Janis only has six students, both those who are just learning to read the Quran or who want to improve their reading. The students also come from underprivileged families, so Janis never fixes the cost of studying.

“They pay as much as they can afford because they are also from an underprivileged family. In a month, sometimes some pay IDR100 to 150 thousand. I am grateful for that. The most important thing is that I can get a reward from teaching the Quran,” said Janis when met by the ACT team in her house, Wednesday (6/9/2021).


Her uncertain income makes it difficult for Janis to meet her food needs. Therefore, she was very grateful and thanked ACT for the Waqf Rice delivered. "With this assistance, there is no need to buy rice anymore. The money can be used for other things, such as paying a rent of IDR 250 thousand," said Janis.

The coordinator of Wakaf Distribution Center Pungki Martha Kusuma said the rice distributed was Waqf Rice of the highest quality. "We buy farmers' grain at the best price so that the farmers, Insha Allah, will still get a higher profit than they sell it elsewhere," concluded Pungki.

People who need, and want to use this service, can call the number 0800-1-165-228 and complete the required data, namely ID and Family Card for data verification. This service is open every day according to business hours. "People who call do not need to worry about the given data. We will only use ID and family cards for data verification. There will be no misuse of the data," concluded Pungki.[]