Humanity Careline for Residents of Greater Malang Affected by Covid-19

To use this service, the people of Malang Raya can dial 62822 15 559 559 send a WhatsApp message. ACT Malang will record their needs, and food packages will be sent to the recipient's house directly.

food packages
Illustration. ACT Malang Team delivers food packages to families affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. (ACTNews/Saiful Anam)

ACTNews, MALANG – The Java-Bali Emergency Public Activity Restriction Enforcement (Emergency PPKM) and Covid-19 Pandemic require people to stay at home. MSME owners and informal workers have difficulty getting income and meeting their food needs. To help them, ACT Malang opened a Humanity Careline (HCL) service.

Branch Manager of ACT Malang Iqrok Wahyu Perdana said the effect of the Emergency PPKM caused many business fields to go bankrupt, so they had to lay off their employees. Many employees stop working and have no income. Responding to these conditions, ACT Malang launched Humanity Careline service to serve the basic needs of Malang residents affected by Covid-19.

“The people of Greater Malang can contact the number 0822 15 559 559 through Whatsapp. ACT Team will collect data on the community's needs, and food packages will be sent to the recipient's house directly. The food packages sent are basic needs such as rice, cooking oil, flour, sugar, and other necessities," said Iqrok, Monday (7/12/2021).

Iqrok said that the service was launched due to the widespread impact of the pandemic and has not yet ended. People are directly affected, and they cannot meet their daily needs. "Many residents have to self-isolate. Hence, they don't work and have no income to meet the needs of their families," said Iqrok.

Furthermore, Iqrok invites the community to maintain solidarity with fellow countrymen and help each other. Don't let people affected by Covid-19 struggle alone.

Emergency PPKM officially applies to the Java-Bali region and some areas outside the two islands. The Emergency PPKM policy was implemented because the Covid-19 pandemic in Indonesia is in dire condition. The number of oxygen cylinders is running low. Hospitals are overwhelmed, and Covid-19 patients do not get a place in the hospital, so they have to self-isolate.[]