Humanity Day in Mojokerto, Steps Towards a Disaster-Resilient Society

ACT Mojokerto held Humanity Day to prepare the community to face disasters. The team taught participants how to save themselves and how to act in the event of a disaster in this activity.

Humanity Day participants
Humanity Day participants, kindergarten students from Pacet Mojokerto, take part in the practice of putting out fires when one occurs. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, MOJOKERTO – People can predict natural disasters, but it is impossible to predict when, where, or how they occur. It necessitates that the community is prepared to face it at all times.

One type of preparation is to practice early on how to save yourself when a natural disaster occurs. Thus, you can reduce the number of injuries or fatalities.

ACT Mojokerto held Humanity Day on Monday (5/30/2022) to prepare for disaster-resilient community preparedness. Teachers and kindergarten students from Mojokerto's Pacet District participated in this activity.

According to Satria Rafi of the ACT Mojokerto team, participants learned about the ACT as a humanitarian organization, disasters, and earthquake and fire disaster mitigation methods during the Humanity Day activity. The participants were eager to follow the activity.

"We presented the information straightforwardly and simply for kindergarten students. Ways to save yourself during an earthquake are taken correctly and systematically. Participants also practice fire extinguishment," Satria said on Monday (5/30/2022).

Siti Khumaira, Principal of Miftahul Huda Islamic Kindergarten in Nogosari, Appreciated the Humanity Day. According to her, this positive activity teaches students the importance of taking action in the event of a disaster.

"Alhamdulillah, we are happy with the implementation of this activity. I hope this activity will continue and be held regularly every year," said Siti Khumaira. []