Humanity Food Bus Greets Vaccine Recipients in Depok Bus Station

ACT’s Humanity Food Bus assisted the public transportation workers, vaccine recipients, and healthcare workers in Depok Bus Station, West Java, Tuesday (9/21/2021).

Humanity Food Bus.
ACT-MRI Depok team distributes hundreds of meal packages in Depok Bus Station. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, DEPOK – A total of 500 portions of ready-to-eat meals were distributed to public transportation workers including drivers and the conductors. The distribution was at the same time with a mass vaccination program by Depok Metro Police Traffic Unit (Satlantas) and was attended by Depok Metro Police Chief, Police Commissioner Imran Edwin Siregar.

“I would like to thank fellow friends from Aksi Cepat Tanggap for being able to collaborate in this vaccination activity which coincided with the Satlantas anniversary. This activity is for the benefit of the community. Hopefully, this can be rewarded with blessings,” said Imran, one of the beneficiaries.

Meanwhile, the Coordinator of ACT’s Humanity Food Bus, Ryan Andriana Rachman, thanked the Depok Metro Police for the collaboration between ACT and Depok Metro Police. He hopes the collaboration between the two parties can be continued to the next occasion.

Insha Allah, our collaboration with Depok Metro Police will continue assisting the community since Humanity Food Bus also aims to support the vaccination activity today. It can be said that our collaboration is completing each other. The residents can be healthy both from the vaccine and the distributed healthy meal packages,” said Ryan.[]